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Episode 2 · 3 months ago

02: When to Take Time Off from College with Coraly Gonzalez

Are you a current college student pursuing a degree and feeling like you're burning out? Today we are joined by the lovely Coraly Gonzalez, a once upon a time full time student and current employee. Coraly shares her experience and thoughts on taking time off from school to be more intentional with the other things in our lives. This episode is filled with so much God honoring advice and guidance to taking a break from school. Praying that this episode serves you during this season of your life!

Episode 1 · 3 months ago

01: Meet Your Host - Mari Guadalupe

You're listening to The Everyday Mari podcast, a community for the creativepreneur and everyday gal ready to live out their calling and life to the fullest! In this episode, you'll get to know who Mari Guadalupe is and her servant heart to build a community for other creatives and the everyday girl!